If you've ever wondered where indie pop band Fitz and the Tantrums spend their free time in Los Angeles, now's your chance to find out! Members Fitz and Noelle spent the day showing their hostess -- and chauffeur -- Carrie Keagan their favorite places around Los Angeles, via the FIAT 500L, letting viewers in on some interesting tidbits about their beginnings while also showing us what roads they're headed down -- literally and figuratively.

The first stop on their tour is legendary music venue the Satellite, previously known as Spaceland, where the band really established themselves within the LA music scene. Fitz says: "This is literally the beginning of Fitz and the Tantrums," before he launches into the history the band shares with the venue. Considering the history behind the place -- the very first gig held there featured legendary rockers the Foo Fighters and Beck -- it only makes sense that a band with talent like Fitz and the Tantrums would make their start there.

Citing a serious need for a car with excellent mileage and a size just right for Los Angeles, Fitz refers to the FIAT 500L as a "great California car." And as a band who's constantly been on the road for the past few years, they certainly know a thing or two about traveling comfortably and efficiently. Considering the distance they seem to get out of the day's drive, we're totally on board.

After the Satellite, Fitz tells Carrie and Noelle: "I need some caffeination to keep going with this day." The need for caffeine is a sentiment we can always get behind, so we were super thrilled to see that the next stop on their tour is the Los Angeles cafe Lamill Coffee -- where Fitz claims their coffee can be rivaled by no one else's. If only we could reach through the monitor and taste it.

Noelle and Fitz then take Carrie to the Silverlake Reservoir, a peaceful spot to relax. As Fitz puts it, it's the perfect remedy to life on the road: "It's a crazy lifestyle to be in a different city everyday," so it only makes sense to get some time to chill out every now and then, and this seems like the perfect place to do it.

The trio then piles back into the FIAT 500L -- which Fitz says has a sun roof like no other car before it -- and arrives at Origami Vinyl, or, as Fitz calls it: "One of the coolest record stores in LA." An avid supporter of Fitz and the Tantrums, Origami Vinyl seems like it's a great place for discovering indie acts you might otherwise never have heard.

Finally, the last stop on their extensive tour of Los Angeles is the Baxter Stairs in Echo Park. It's a crazy long journey to get to the top, but the view of the entire city is clearly well worth the climb. Even more worth it? The tacos at the top!

"Good food, locations, views and we get to travel in luxury." Sounds like a perfect day to us!

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