If you've ever wanted to experience a full day basking in Philly-goodness, you have to check out the video above! Noelle and Fitz -- of indie-pop band Fitz and the Tantrums fame -- spent the day driving around in the super spacious 500L with New York City based comedian-slash-writer Morgan Evans before heading to their gig at Philly's renowned Electric Factory the same night.

The first stop on their tour of the city was in Fishtown -- a Philadelphia neighborhood known for attracting artists and musicians. They headed over to NicNacs4Peanuts, a super cool, super small store with a tons of interesting items for sale. When Noelle says "I like weird," it's obvious this is the perfect place for her.

The trio then moves on to Paesano's -- one of Philly's most famous hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops. Noelle opts for an all-veggie sandwich, while Fitz sticks with a classic cheesesteak. It's seriously enough to get our mouths watering, so when they finally pile back into the 500L for their last stop, we're almost relieved!

Morgan then drives down Kelly Drive, and it's a crazy beautiful, scenic route that shows off the trees as their leaves turn from green to gold. Because they're driving through the city, they're able to see so much more of it in the small amount of time they have.

Their last stop is the Philadelphia Museum of Art -- more famous, perhaps, for the steps leading up to the museum than the building itself. For those of you who don't know, those 72 stone steps are the very same ones shown in the iconic 'Rocky' movies, so it only makes sense to take a trip there. And we were definitely not disappointed! All three raced to the top, with Fitz ultimately beating out Noelle and Morgan and ending the day with a stunning view of the entire city from the top of the stairs.

The video ends on a few choice shots from the Electric Factory show, and it does a fantastic job displaying the type of energetic vibe Fitz and the Tantrums are so good at conveying live.

Morgan Evans is a New York City based writer-slash-comedian. You can follow him on Twitter here, and check out his Untitled Web Series here.

Fitz and the Tantrums are currently touring in the U.S. To find out if they're playing near you, check out their Facebook page here, and take a look at their latest music video for 'Fools Gold' below!

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