We're well past Valentine's Day, but FKA twigs is still in a lovey-dovey state of mind.

This afternoon, the genre-bending voguing extraordinaire dropped a new single called "Good To Love," available to stream/download at midnight (February 19).

Unlike the majority of her more electronica-infused back catalog, like "Two Weeks" or "Pendulum," the song is almost jarringly straightforward in its simplicity, led only by a tender piano melody and atmospheric embellishments in the background. It's easily her most accessible song to date — it could be a Jessie Ware song, actually.

"When you give yourself away, it always hurts too much / So you pray to get it back, only God can give you that," she sings across the soulful and soul-bearing track, sounding all-the-more vulnerable against the intimate production.

"Make my body come alive / I've got a right to hurt inside / So will you hold me while I cry and let me lay against your side? Let me love, it's good to love / It's good to love..."

The black and white video for the track, appropriately, keeps it softer and more stripped down (no birth scenes here), focusing on the singer-songwriter pulling shapes in bed, bending and twirling within the sheets. It's also proof that even when armed with just a few bedsheets and some intricate handography, the ever-flexible Twigs is every bit as mesmerizing.

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