Whether or not you were pulling for Ross and Rachel to stop being on a break and finally get together, you can't deny that Chandler and Monica's relationship was one of the biggest plotlines on 'Friends.'

Perpetually awkward Chandler and type-A neat freak Monica are proof that opposites attract. From their initial hook-up at Ross' second wedding to their struggle to start a family, we fell in love with the unexpected duo.

In typical 'Friends' fashion, the relationship faced awkwardness up front. Specifically, Chandler and Monica tried to keep it a secret while they solidified their feelings for each other. One of the most iconic episodes of the series is the one in which Rachel and Joey use Phoebe to bluff Chandler into confessing his true feelings. Naturally, hilarity ensued.

In honor of the 15th anniversary of 'The One Where Everybody Finds Out' (on Feb. 11), we took a look back at one of the best -- and most awkward -- scenes in 'Friends.'