Miami rhyme-spitter Flo Rida had a bad weekend in Australia, as he was dismissed from performing at an Aussie music festival and his entourage's hotel suite was raided by police.

According to FasterLouder, the 'Good Feeling' rapper was three hours late for his performance and had a "hissy-fit" over his accommodations to the Fat as Butter festival. The promoters also claim that Flo Rida was not "in a suitable condition to perform."

Promoters issued a statement explaining the situation was out of their control. "We are extremely disappointed that Flo Rida decided not to fulfill his commitment to appear at the Fat as Butter festival on Saturday," they said. "But we are more disappointed that he let his fans down. We worked overtime to secure his performance, in the months leading up to the festival as well as on the day of the festival itself. What happened on Saturday was completely out of Fat as Butter’s control. We sympathize with and share in the frustrations of fans and festival patrons who were so disappointed by Flo Rida’s non-appearance."

In response, Flo Rida issued a vague explanation about his absence from the event. "Australian fans, I was looking forward to performing for you but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to do so last night," he said.

Meanwhile, a member of Flo Rida's entourage was arrested and fined after Australian police raided his suite after hotel employees smelled an aroma of marijuana emanating from his room. Dakari Dalawn Phillips, who is listed as Flo Rida's personal assistant, was fined $1800 after pleading guilty to drugs and weapons possession.

According to authorities, on Sunday, shortly before Flo Rida was set to perform at a show, drug enforcement officials received a tip that a "strong smell of burnt cannabis" was coming from Room 1914. When police raided the suite they found a clip seal bag with 16 grams of marijuana, a joint with one gram of cannabis, three grinders, a set of scales covered in specks of marijuana, a gold capsule of tetrahydra cannabis, a Viagra tablet, a 10ml bottle of liquid cannabis and a Uzi taser.

During a hearing, Judge Scott Luxton gave Phillips a slap on the wrist since he had no prior convictions or a police record and sent him on his way. Outside of the police station, the 33-year-old assistant refused to answer any questions from the media about his arrest.

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