YouTube sensation Keith Apicary (real name Nathan Barnatt) gets to flex his dancing skills in Flo Rida's new video for 'Let It Roll.' The Miami rapper decided to sit this one out and let the nerd have all the fun in this hilarious clip.

The video starts off with Flo Rida calling Apricary to help him bring his hot new single to the club and make people shake their booties to the song. Next, we the Los Angeles-based funnyman dancing in the streets of Miami and giving the locals a taste of his, uh, unique dance moves.

When Apicary arrives at club he gives the deejay Flo Rida's single and that's when the party kicks into high gear. Despite, being overly-dressed in his mom jeans and blue-striped sweatshirt, Apicary is a chick-magnate and manages to pull several hot girls to the dance floor. Honestly, this nerd can dance when he's not being a bumbling fool and falling down the stairs.

Maybe next time, Flo Rida should hire Lil Wayne to throw his d--- for the camera. Now that would be hilarious!

Flo Rida's new album 'Wild Ones' hit stores on July 3.

Watch the Flo Rida 'Let it Roll' Video