Flo Rida pays tribute to what we're guessing is a favorite web destination in his 'Hey Jasmin' video.

The video opens with a bevy of beauties sitting in room called the Jasmine Tea House. Soon Flo arrives, glances at a video of dancing women on his phone, then makes his way to the tea house's sign, changing it to 'Live Jasmin.' In case you weren't aware, that's also the name of an extremely NSFW site featuring ladies similar to those in the clip. We're not sure if they paid him for logo placement or if it's a coincidence, but Flo seems to be a fan of the XXX-website: Later in the clip he goes to the site on his laptop and marvels at "flashin'" and "modern technology." Indeed, the number of new mediums with which to watch porn is pretty mindblowing.

Soon, Flo Rida is in the same club pictured on his mobile. The room is completely packed from wall to wall with patrons, but he has eyes solely for one woman in a red dress. We're guessing this is his Jasmin.

Flo's not the only guy who can't keep his eyes off of Jasmin, though. The hard-to-get hottie makes her away through the crowd and across the club, earning stares from countless men -- one of whom gets confronted by his neglected galpal. C'mon man, why do you think Flo wears shades inside all the time?!

In any case, Jasmin has a way with anyone she comes across, inspiring all the other women she passes or talks to in the club to show their sexy stuff. 'Hey Jasmin' is from Flo's upcoming release, 'Wild Ones,' which hits shelves July 3 ... though in Flo Rida's case, based on this song and video, it's more likely he'd rather download it in his queue than leave his laptop to get to a store.

Watch the Flo Rida 'Hey Jasmin' Video