You may think you've drawn up a pretty tough list of New Year's resolutions for 2013, but Flo Rida's probably got you beat: As he told Billboard during a recent interview, "I'm taking over."

It's all part of a yearlong pop culture assault that he says will include "getting into some acting" as well as "traveling the world" and "doing some touring" -- as well as his upcoming fifth album, which boasts a surprising influence: The King of Pop.

"You know, I actually got a chance to do some recording in the same studio where Michael Jackson did 'Thriller,'" he revealed. For many artists, clocking time in such a hallowed environment might have created a little added pressure to perform, but not Rida. In fact, he claims it helped inspire some of his best material, saying, "We did some work in there and I came up with like seven masterpieces."

Some musicians spend their whole careers working toward just one masterpiece, so it's exciting to hear that Flo Rida will be packing at least seven on his next record. Of course, he'll need to do something special to top the performance of his last LP, 'Wild Ones' -- as Billboard points out, that album's hot streak of long-lasting hits made Rida the magazine's Number 2 artist of the year, and its fourth single, 'I Cry,' is still in the Top 10.

Watch the Flo Rida 'I Cry' Video