Feel good rapper Flo Rida got a lesson in the proper way to pop bottles this week. We thought he'd be an expert by now!
The New York Post reports that Flo learned how to open bubbly from actual professionals this week. Flo Rida was at the South Beach Wine and Food festival when he received a schooling from a server at Moet-Hennessy's Q After Dark event. We're not sure if he's a master at it quite yet, though -- Flo was taken away from his practice by DJ Ruckus, who urged him to perform 'Good Feeling' in a VIP area.

This new skill will likely be put to use, since Flo loves to celebrate -- and has plenty of reason to, as 'Good Feeling' was a No. 1 hit!

Flo has always had a well-documented appreciation for booze. He urges, "Drink up!" on his duet with Taio Cruz, 'Hangover,' and mentioned being "hung over like too much vodka" in his latest hit, 'Wild Ones.' We're all for having a good time -- we just hope Flo uses a designated driver when he puts his new knowledge to use.