Flo Rida can't keep himself -- or his hits -- out of the club. A preview of his new single, 'Wild Ones,' surfaced today and it's standard Flo, but with a quirky twist: Australian singer-songwriter Sia.

While Sia is typically known for her singer-songwriter roots, she's no stranger to a bumpin' beat herself. Her biggest international hit to date is her collaboration with French DJ David Guetta on 'Titanium.' Guetta also famously collaborated with Flo Rida on 'Where Them Girls At' (with an assist from Nicki Minaj) and 'Club Can't Handle Me.'

The snippet opens with Sia's soaring vocals. "Hey, I heard you are a wild one / If I took you home it'd be a home run," she wails. Soon the beat kicks in, followed by Flo's signature... well, flow. He references fellow good time enthusiasts LMFAO, calling himself a "party rocker," before going into more detail about a wild night out. "Hung over like too much vodka," he laments, before boasting, "Can't see me with 10 binoculars."

One place we can see Flo Rida with this track? Back on the charts. This 45-second clip is addictive and will have Top 40 fans counting down to its iTunes release on Dec. 20.