Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is known for quite a few unique traits: her red hair, her ethereal interpretive dancing, her harp skills -- and her loyalty to the Illuminati? Say it ain't so, Flo!

The Illuminati are a large, complex and transnational order of atheist scientists and intellectuals. Welch came under scrutiny for a potential connection to the organization following her video for 'No Light, No Light.' The clip is chock full of religious imagery: Welch, under the control of a man with a voodoo doll, jumps through the stained glass window of a church, presumably meeting her demise -- until a boys' choir catches her safely. While much of Welch's video -- like the song itself -- is open to interpretation, the argument that she's an Illuminati is pretty nonsensical.

So is she an Enlightened one? "That's ridiculous," Welch told MTV. "Really? So people [think that?]" she asked. The flame-haired chanteuse was actually somewhat flattered by the rumor. "I heard Jay-Z and Beyonce were [members of the Illuminati], so I don't know how I feel about it, because I think Jay-Z and Beyoncé are the most incredible artists ever, so in a weird way, it's slightly complimentary," Welch said. "But also completely ridiculous. I'm definitely not. It's just not true."

It seems Florence + the Machine wouldn't have the time to dedicate to their membership anyway. Within a week alone the group performed on 'the View,' VH1's 'Divas' special and 'X Factor.' In addition, Welch is still in good company: Mr. and Mrs. Carter also deny any Illuminati involvement.

Watch Florence Welch Discuss 'No Light, No Light' Video