Florence + the Machine's live shows are so consistently spectacular that it's not news when the group puts on a stunning performance -- but we're always thrilled to watch them! Flo and Co. released a searing new live video of their 'Ceremonials' track 'Lover to Lover.'

Frontwoman Florence Welch's lyrics on 'Ceremonials' are a bit on the darker side, and this video follows suit. As Welch wails, "There's no salvation for me, no," she and her band are enveloped in shadows; there is just enough light on stage for the audience to see the performers and for the performers to see their instruments.

The lighting effects evoke the dark moodiness of Welch's words. The darkness of both the stage and the lyrics provides a sharp contrast to the bright, sunny sound of the keyboards and harp. Conversely, the happier instrumentals reflect the acceptance (and possible optimism) of the rest of Welch's chorus:  "No space among the clouds / And I’ve seen that I’m heading down / But that’s alright."

Welch gives her all throughout the performance, but she really starts to lets loose in the final bridge. We finally get to see her signature ethereal dancing, which she uses to signify the closing the notes. Additionally, Welch's vocals are at their most powerful in the song's conclusion. She begins at a soft stage whisper and gradually builds to a soaring crescendo.

From the sounds of it, it doesn't matter whether or not there's salvation for Florence + the Machine. They seem to be doing just fine on their own.

Watch Florence + the Machine Perform 'Lover to Lover'