'The View' got a bit brighter today. Florence + the Machine took the stage to perform their latest hit, 'Shake It Out.'

With the crowd lights dim, the stage appeared to glow even before frontwoman Florence Welch began to sing.
Her band and background singers donned black, making Welch the clear star of the show in her cream colored gown. Aside from the obvious wardrobe choice, the stage setup drove the point home further. Welch is, literally, front and center, while everyone else is in the shadows behind her.
The visual was an effective one, even down to the backdrop. In the quiet introductory notes, the rear of the stage features a similarly dim snowflake backdrop. As the song reaches each crescendo, the background turns into bright colors and hearts.

While the performance was musically and vocally strong, Welch actually seemed subdued. The flamehaired siren's signature ethereal dancing was missing -- but make no mistake. With pipes like that, you'll never lose sight (or sound) of her anywhere.

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