Last night, Florence + the Machine weren't the only group that brought some music to the 'Saturday Night Live' stage. In addition to Florence Welch and her band's mind-blowing performances of 'Shake It Out' and 'No Light, No Light,' the Muppets also performed with host Jason Segel during the actor's opening monologue.

As you probably already know, Segel is the mastermind behind the new Muppets flick, which will hit theaters the day before Thanksgiving. Segel also stars in 'The Muppets' movie alongside Amy Adams and a bevy of Jim Henson puppets, and the comedian definitely has a deep-rooted love for the timeless characters -- however, such was not the case on 'SNL' last night during Segel's opening monologue.

The puppets crashed Segel's opening song, and when the actor expressed his wishes to be alone in the spotlight for the evening, Kermit and company turned on him. The six Muppets continued to sing backup for Segel in annoyed, dismissive voices, singing "we think it's crazy that you're hosting 'SNL'" to the actor, who looked quite shocked that his lovable posse of puppets were hating on him so badly. It was a hilarious way to kick off the show on Nov. 19.

When the time came for Florence + the Machine to hit the stage, they brought the house down with thrilling and powerful renditions of two new songs. Welch's vocals, as always, were absolutely enchanting as she belted out her new 'Ceremonials' tracks 'Shake It Out' and 'No Light, No Light.' The red-headed songstress also dazzled in a black cocktail dress with elaborate beaded details and a long, black, lacy gown.

Welch and the Muppets definitely brought memorable musical moments to 'SNL,' although Miss Piggy's voice doesn't hold a candle to Florence's ... don't tell her we said that, though! We'd hate to feel the wrath of the hot-headed, divalicious Muppet.

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