Florence + the Machine's video from 'Shake it Out' -- off the upcoming album 'Ceremonials' -- features our favorite redheaded siren in various eye-catching ensembles and attending a costume ball. The video is several minutes of cinematic, mysterious and exciting action, with our gal Florence Welch at the center of it all.

There are lots of close ups of the exotic, flame-tressed singer. At first, she is a spectator to this masked ball, and then she gets in on the action with a mask of her own. She is dancing, having fun, singing and, for all intents and purposes, shaking it out! There's a lot of bacchanalia unfolding onscreen and Florence's voice steers the entire ship. She is quite the chanteuse and everything about her is full of mystique and intrigue. It's certainly a costume ball that we'd have liked to attend. When Flo's there, it's a good time. We could just listen to her sing all day long.

We  also love that she is such a clotheshorse in this video. We think she looks the best in the blood-red dress and the black velvet dress that covers almost every inch of skin. She changes outfits many times but she's not giving Lady Gaga a run for her money ... Yet!

Watch the Florence + the Machine 'Shake It Out' Video