Florence Welch -- she's the Florence of Florence + the Machine -- has delivered a masterpiece in the form of her new album 'Ceremonials,' which drops stateside on Nov. 1. It's Flo's label, Universal Republic, that affixed the superlative description to the much-anticipated album. With only a month to go before the album lands, Flo is gracing the cover of the current issue of the industry trade Billboard, looking as red-hot as ever, thanks to her flaming locks and that figure hugging red frock.

In the accompanying feature story, Flo says that she followed her heart as opposed to her head when making 'Ceremonials,' which follows her groundbreaking debut, 'Lungs.' That album put F+TM on the map on many levels. Florence's unique style and exotic look also helped the singer break out as an unconventional magazine cover star in the process.

Oh, and that whole sophomore slump thing that artists deal with on second albums, especially ones that follow mega-successful debuts? Flo isn't even going to be taking a rain check on that one. She's leaping right over that slump and making s--t happen.