On the set of her photo shoot with NME, songstress Florence Welch (minus the Machine) sat down for a quick interview with the British magazine. As always, Welch was looking fashion forward, wearing a floppy maroon hat, a white blouse and a patterned vest. The soft-spoken songstress talked about her upcoming album 'Ceremonials,' her new single 'Shake It Out,' and what it was like hearing that Beyonce was inspired by her.

When asked about the sound of her new album, Welch responded, "It kind of started off being much more electronic and then just the way things turned out it kind of became a more organic sound." She continued, "It's kind of rave-y in parts and then sometimes it sounds like church music and some bits are electronic and then that's all mixed up with really organic drums ... There are loads of different kinds of sounds. I wouldn't say it had one particular sound but everything seems to stick together quite well."

Welch also dished on why 'Shake It Out' is her "ultimate hangover cure." "It was one of those magic ones like 'Cosmic Glow' -- it kind of just appeared when you're not feeling so great," Welch said of the song. "It's kinda written in a half an hour. [My producer] Paul had these amazing kind of uplifting organ chords and the song just evolved over them and it kind of became the ultimate hangover cure -- just 'Shake It Out' of myself. But then it became something bigger, about like maybe trying to let go of whatever's haunting you."

Being the humble artist she is, Welch was also super excited to hear that Beyonce cited her as an inspiration for her latest album '4.' Welch said, "My dad called me to tell me. So I've been really listening to the Beyonce album, like really intently, trying out maybe where she might've been influenced, but I'm not really sure. My favorite song on that record is 'Countdown' so I'm hoping maybe [laughs] ... I love her she's so sweet. I met her and she's so gracious and she's really beautiful."

Florence + the Machine will release their LP 'Ceremonials' on Oct. 31.