Oh Flo! It's been a busy few days in the media for you, hasn't it?

First she reveals a new video and song in the form of 'What the Water Gave Me.' Now, quirky, ethereal music goddess Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is showing off her more masculine (yet equally as striking) side on the cover of Vogue Nippon, which is Japan's version of Vogue.

Flo graces the October issue, cloaked in Karl Lagerfeld designs. Word is that our favorite British redhead with the room-filling voice is the magazine's first cover star that isn't a model in over six years. That's a big deal. Huge.

Flo's flame-hued locks are fixed in a pompadour atop her head and she looks nearly unrecognizable. She's also pulling off the, well, difficult-to-pull-off tailored menswear look, with a red, kimono-inspired blazer, a crisp, buttoned up white shirt, and a high-waisted black trousers.

You have to exude plenty of femininity to make this stiff look work and with her intent stare, Flo certainly intimidates, but without sacrificing one ounce of womanhood. She has always been effortlessly fashion forward, meshing couture and street chic, and this cover is a testament to her fearlessness when it comes to clothes. Whether it's because she doesn't care or isn't trying is a whole other matter in and of itself, but Flo once again turns our heads with her look. Her music's not too shabby, either!