If you never had the pleasure of witnessing Lady Gaga when she was an NYC music scene upstart who went by her given name of Stefani Germanotta, the wonders of technology solve that problem for you. Previously unseen footage of Gaga performing in 2006 under her real name and with brown hair has surfaced.

Here, Gaga – er, Stefani -- performs two songs at The Cutting Room. She soars through 'Master Heartbreaker' and 'Hollywood' -- proving that her songwriting style hasn't changed much and neither has her stage banter. She wrote catchy songs then and made cute comments!

She was still an NYU student at the time and played with a band. Wearing a matronly (and uncharacteristic by today's standards) brown and orange paisley style blazer and sporting long brown hair, Gaga looks very much like her little sister Natali and sounds like the Gaga we know and love. She definitely stands out more as a blonde, so it was a good career move to lighten her locks.

She stands and grinds while playing her pop songs on the piano. Little did the people in the room know that this girl would go on to change pop music and become the Mother Monster. Still, it was so weird to hear her call herself "Stefani!" Before she performs the super catchy 'Hollywood,' she reveals she wrote it about the media. Stef goes on to sing lyrics that implore the listener not to tell her she'd never be a superstar. Touche.

The second two songs, 'Wonderful' and 'Fever,' are from another show and are performed as Lady Gaga. Gaga still sports butt-length brown hair and blunt bangs, but she started to show her fashion sense, in a white dress and thigh high boots. She reveals she is signed to Island Def Jam, which eventually dropped her (and is probably still regretting!)

Overall, this footage displays Gaga's undeniable talent but it barely hints at the mega pop star she would become.

Watch Footage of Lady Gaga Performing in 2006