Foster the People have dropped a new music video from their 'Torches' album, and the trio of California natives are inviting fans to interpret the eccentric, oddity-filled 'Call It What You Want' video as they wish. In the video, frontman Marc Foster and his fellow bandmates, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink, partake in a series of seriously outlandish activities while taking up residence in a swanky mansion.

There are so many visuals in this captivating video that it's almost hard to keep track of the craziness that the Foster the People dudes are getting into. Some highlights include a flock of dark-haired models singing the 'Call It What You Want' chorus into gold megaphones, Marc Foster singing into a fish bowl and sporting gold Hulk gloves in a pensive pose, Pontius making out with his own reflection, and the guys trying to balance glasses of red juice while blindfolded in the back of a bouncing car.

While there is a whole lot of fun in the 'Call It What You Want' video, there are also some creepy visuals. Marc Foster reminds us a young Jack Torrance, as he seems to be losing his s---- while living in the ornate mansion. After his breakfast serenades him, he takes a seat on the balcony only to shoot a group of screaming female fans with his finger gun, causing blue paint to burst out of their chests. Creepy floating feet are also shown during the video's intro, and Fink goes crazy in a bath that looks like it's filled with blood.

Foster the People have continued to pave their own path with this video, delivering their fans doses of confusion, uneasiness, sexiness, humor and happiness all at once. This video is definitely out there, but it is entertaining as hell to watch.

Watch the Foster the People 'Call It What You Want' Video