Foster the People dupe 'Precious' actress Gabourey Sidibe into being the driver in a high-speed car chase in their new video for 'Don't Stop (Color on the Walls.)'

Poor Gabourey is just sitting in her tiny hatchback outside the DMV, waiting to start her driving test, when a disguised Mark Foster, clearly on the run from the cops, walks past and senses an opportunity. He jumps in pretends to be the instructor, and tells her to begin driving.

When Gabourey shows herself to be far from ready for a driver's license, Foster gets impatient and tries to take over. As they battle for control of the wheel, the car speeds down the road, narrowly avoiding pedestrians and other vehicles. During the commotion, Foster's mustache falls off and his bag of money flies open, and Gabourey starts to figure things out.

By this time, the police are giving chase, but she's committed, so she keeps driving and proceeds to barrel through a construction site, splattering paint all over the windshield. When the runaways finally get cornered, Mark tries to gives himself up, but Gabourey won't let it happen. She bashes one cop with the money bag, runs over the other, and gives Foster a huge kiss before speeding away.

'Don't Stop' is the latest single from the band's Grammy-nominated debut 'Torches,' which also produced the hit 'Pumped Up Kicks.'

Watch the Foster the People 'Don't Stop' Video