While the Third Headliner option includes a bunch of boy bands, the Fourth Headliner is all about the up-and-coming, global superstars! Seriously, we've got a bunch of hot, young singers (boys and girls alike, and many from overseas), vying for a spot as the Fourth Headliner in the PopCrush Ultimate Music Festival. But it's up to you who makes the bill.

Let's talk about the girls first. We've got Ariana Grande, who can hit those those high notes like it's NBD. She's a mini-Mariah for sure. We just love how she works the stage, like on 'Ellen' when she performed 'The Way' with emcee Mac Miller. Carly Rae Jepsen, on the other hand, is so darn cute with her bubble gum tunes, and if she performs 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You,' we'd probably get a performance from the Harajuku Barbie too, aka Nick Minaj. Plus, we wouldn't mind hearing last year's summer anthem, 'Call Me Maybe' all over again, and live, to boot. And speaking of Minaj's feistiness, petite U.K. star Cher Lloyd is in the nominee list, as well, getting sassy on 'With Ur Love' and 'Want U Back.'

But wait, there's more U.K. stars you can vote for! Little Mix -- four gals who mix (get it!) the Spice Girls' girl power with En Vogue harmonies -- definitely know how to work the stage and perform live (they've got 'X Factor' to thank for that). But don't forget Jessie J and Rita Ora, who are known as much for their spunky vibrato as their style; they continue to set trends while dropping tracks with hip-hop artists like Big Sean and Tinie Tempah. We'd show up just to see what they wear!

Then we've go the dudes, who all know how to make a girl weak in the knees with their songs! First up is cutie Austin Mahone, who can sing tracks about how he wants to be more than just friends with us ('Say You're Just a Friend') and can dance as well as Justin Bieber. Then there's Cody Simpson, who just finished trekking around Eurpoe with the Biebs, performing his swoon-worthy single 'Pretty Brown Eyes.'

But let's not forget about Ed Sheeran. Oh, Ed. With your witty jokes and loop pedal skills, we just can't remember what life was like without you in it. We will never get tired of hearing 'The A Team,' especially live.

So who will it be? Vote for the Fourth Headliner in 2013′s Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival below! You can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Wednesday, July 31 at 12PM ET.