Foxes -- she's a female singer -- has one of those voices that just sticks with you. While her closest sonic relative is her fellow Brit Florence + The Machine, Foxes has a style and a sound that's all her own. 'Holding Onto Heaven' is an uplifting dance song that doesn't feel like an EDM banger... and that's it's best quality!

Even so, the grooves, beats and bright melodies still find their way into your blood and body, and compel you to just dance.

Segueing right along, Foxes' 'Holding Onto Heaven' reminds us of the best vocal parts of Flo, with less theatrics, along with the best moments of the dance songs that populate Lady Gaga's 'The Fame,' with less outrageous and over-the-top drama.

In essence, Foxes 'Holding Onto Heaven' is drama-free dance music. It'll lift your spirits and make you feel light as air, as your feet glide across the floor.

There's also an '80s scene vibe threaded throughout the song,  but it's not retro.

Foxes' debut 'Glorious' is due out in March. 'Holding Onto Heaven' is just that -- a glorious, delightful song that'll put a huge smile on your face.

Listen to Foxes, 'Holding Onto Heaven'