Odd Future member and Kanye-Jay-Z collaborator Frank Ocean sings that he doesn't want to sell out on 'Best Seller,' a new song that surfaced online this week.

In contrast to his Odd Future bandmate, Tyler the Creator, whose solo music is aggressive and controversial, Ocean's latest is a relaxed R&B tune with lyrics about "tear stains all over my diary pages." The piano-based track finds Ocean commenting on the commercial aspect of art when he sings, "Don't try to make it a best seller, a best seller, a best seller / It ain't gon' be a best seller, a best seller."

As Ocean continues, he constructs a tale about publishers who want to release his private collection of writings for profit. "These chapters ain't for sale," he insists. With a great hook and a commendable story about not wanting to sell his soul to make a few bucks, 'Best Seller' definitely earns the PopCrush stamp of approval.

Ocean is featured on 'No Church in the Wild' and 'Made in America' on 'Watch the Throne,' the superstar team-up between Jay-Z and Kanye West. Ocean's next album, 'Nostalgia Lite,' was scheduled for a July release but has been pushed back indefinitely. If 'Best Seller' is any indication, Def Jam had better get the album ready soon, because fans are going to want to hear what else Frank Ocean has to offer.

Listen to Frank Ocean, 'Best Seller'