We know that Frank Ocean has an incredible falsetto range, but who knew he could spit a couple of bars? Last night, right before he graced the stage at the Vitaminwater #Uncapped concert in New York, Ocean shared on his Tumblr page a new track called 'Blue Whale.'

The song is far from the Odd Future crooner's usually navel-gazing ballads. Instead, Ocean shows us his rapping skills on the minimalist track.

One of the many introspective lines on the song adds more ambiguity to the crooner's sexuality. He raps, "And if I ever have a daughter / I wonder what I could call her? / Nine months after I f--- on the beach / I guess I call her karma." He then adds, "Just playin’ but I'm serious / I'm witted and I’m wildin'."

Despite the non-sensical wordplays, 'Blue Whale' has a mellow vibe that doesn't stray too far from his latest musical output. Ocean just released the trippy video for 'Pyramids,' which features the singer in a suit packing a gun as he surveys the seedy world of strip clubs and gangsters.

Hours after he released 'Blue Whale' to the public he tweeted this:


Listen to Frank Ocean, 'Blue Whale'