Frank Ocean's notoriety has now reached overseas in France as the singer-songwriter graces the cover of the latest issue of French magazine Snatch. Despite the magazine's dubious title, the publication features interviews with celebrities and music artists.

On the cover, Ocean is sitting at a desk typing away on a vintage typewriter. He's wearing a white T-shirt, Polo shorts and a gold watch. The photograph suggests that Ocean is working on his childhood memoirs. The cover line, translated in English, reads "First Memories of a Young Man Tormented."

In a synopsis for the article, Snatch magazine explores the crooner's bold move to come out of the closet and reveal a past tryst with a man. "We have here an extraordinary character. Of late serving as a foil for the extravagance of Kanye and Jay-Z, Frank is about to break the boundaries of celebrity," the publication states. "The reason lies with a 'coming-out' unseen within the world of hip-hop just as much as with an album which returns a sense of nobility to the letters 'R,' 'N,' and 'B.' Welcome to the world of an unconventional songwriter, glutton for work and victim of the heart."

We have to agreed that Ocean's announcement of his bisexuality was an eye-opener for the realm of R&B, and his latest album 'channel Orange,' is a return to "rhythm" and "blues" music. He is an unconventional artist who has successfully raised his profile with his performances on the MTV Video Music Awards and 'Saturday Night Live.' All of this is to say that Frank Ocean is the hot commodity in R&B.

So far, Ocean has been embraced by both music artists and fans for his honesty. Songwriter Ester Dean thinks he's awesome. "I call Frank Ocean the new Luther Vandross, because you know Luther was gay, I believe ... and women didn’t give a damn," she tells the Grio.

We don't have any idea how in-depth the Snatch interview goes with Ocean because it's not available on its website. Hopefully, it's an insightful look into his life and music.

Snatch magazine, featuring Frank Ocean on the cover, is only available in France.

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