Singer-Songwriter Frank Ocean was on his grind in 2011. His breakthrough project 'Nostalgia/Ultra' turned him into R&B star overnight. He has written songs for Beyonce and appeared on Jay-Z and Kanye West's stellar 'Watch the Throne' album. Now his fans are waiting with abated breath for a new album from this much-talked about crooner.

Ocean's tune 'Girlfriend's Best Friend' should hold people over into the new year. It also sounds like a bonafide radio hit to our ears. The song has the same emotional feel similar to Ocean's fan-favorite ballad 'Thinking About You.'

Over a downing piano groove, the R&B wunderkind plays a guy who is a BFF to a woman whose beau is treating her bad. He warns the boyfriend if he doesn't act right, he's going to scoop her up. "I'm your girlfriend's best friend / Soon I'll be taking over / I'm your girlfriend's best friend / You don't treat her like your supposed to / With your wandering eyes /All your cheatin' and lyin' / I'mma step up and do what I gotta," he sings on the chorus.

If this is the kind of music Ocean is bringing next year, then we can hardly wait for his official debut album. He's certainly the one to watch in 2012.

Listen to Frank Ocean, 'Girlfriend's Best Friend'