Frank Ocean was busted for having marijuana in his vehicle on New Year's Eve, and to his credit, he's not running from the charge. In fact, he's owning up to his illegal drug use.

Though his lyrics can be deep and moving, Ocean tends to be a man of few words when it comes to interviews and social media. So his Twitter response to the bust was characteristically short and matter-of-fact:

The R&B singer was stopped on Dec. 31 in his black BMW in Mono County, California for going 90 MPH in a 65 zone. Officers searched the car when they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Though voters in some states have begun legalizing pot for personal use, the drug is still off-limits in California, so Ocean was cited for possession and for having tinted windows and an expired driver's license.

ABC reports that Ocean was ticketed for speeding in the same area on Dec. 30 as well. Frank might want to just slow down to avoid any future run-ins with the law. He's 25 and has an acclaimed album, six Grammy nominations, and the rest of his career ahead of him. He has all the time in the world!

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