While Frankie Grande was locked in the 'Big Brother' house over the summer, the 31-year-old YouTube personality missed a few major family events, including the death of his grandfather and the release of his half-sister's (Ariana Grande's) new album 'My Everything.'

But now that the competition is over, Frankie is showing that he is very much a part of the Grande family by coming out and supporting his little sister.

While speaking with Access Hollywood (quotes via Oh No They Didn't), he tried to put an end to the recent diva rumors surrounding Ariana.

"She is one of the most genuine, talented and hardworking people I have ever seen. I feel like not only has she earned her success, but she so hard working. I'm so proud," he admitted on the show. "When you're thrust into the public eye at a very young age, so very forcefully, I feel like things start happening that maybe certain people aren't ready for and without a very supportive and very tight family unit, people start to fall by the wayside, people fall apart. But it actually brought us closer together."

He also explained that Ariana works hard at giving her fans the best that they deserve, saying, "As an artist and when it comes to her art, she always is the person that knows the most. She's the boss. It's her art that she wants to put out. When comes to ordering people around, that’s not really how we work, that’s not really how our family works. Everyone does their job. We let them do it, we're very grateful for everyone that does their job."

So what do you think, PopCrushers? Do you still believe the Ariana rumors or has Frankie swayed your thoughts?

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