Amy Winehouse was, among other things, a budding fashion designer and her final collection will see the light of day. Like many pop stars, Winehouse worked with a fashion house to design clothes for special collections that not only bore her name, but also boasted remnants of her personal style. Winehouse was working on a Fall/Winter set for British designer Fred Perry when she passed away on July 23 at 27.

While we might never hear the unfinished music that the 'Rehab' singer was reportedly working on at the time of her tragic passing, fans will be able to purchase the fashions from the final collaboration with Perry. Winehouse had previously worked with Perry on a 17-piece collection that was issued in Spring 2011. She even appeared as the campaign's model, to boot. Her partnership with the label will be seen through to completion.

WWD reported that two Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collections will be made available (and for a good cause) in the wake of her death. The proceeds will be donated to Mitch Winehouse's newly created Amy Winehouse Foundation, which will provide support to those suffering with substance abuse and addiction issues, as his daughter did during her life.

"When Fred Perry came to us to ask what we would like to do with the new collection, it was natural to continue," Mr. Winehouse said in a statement. "Amy loved working on both collections and would want them to be made available."

The first of the two collections is available at the designer's website, and they include plenty of classic, '50s-inspired pieces, ranging from form-fitting dresses to checkered tops and short, houndstooth skirts. Drapey long sweaters and blouses also comprise the line. The designs are classy, as well, and they look like attire you'd expect to see them on a show like 'Mad Men.' It's a lot of black and white pairings, and also includes gloves, belts, a clutch and a handbag.