Justin Timberlake is finally back to making music -- sort of. The chairman and CEO of Tennman Records took a hands-on approach with FreeSol. Timberlake sings the hook on the Memphis bred band's new single, 'Fascinated', dropping the same day as their video for 'Rolemodel'.

From the opening notes, the beat is distinctively Timbaland's, so his fans will be pleased by FreeSol's collaboration. The melody and hook are undeniably catchy, and FreeSol's full band format works well with Timbaland's production and Timberlake's slick, skilled vocals. However, 'Fascinated' still leaves something to be desired, because we know what all of these artists are capable of -- and it's more than this.

Lyricist Free flows through his verses with strategically placed pauses, ostensibly where he'd shrug his shoulders and chuckle at himself, as with the lines "We gonna party like rockstars / 'Cause we some rockstars." Free has a natural rhythm and timing, but his lyrics ("I smell good / And I feel good") are the weakest link in FreeSol's chain. We'd be much more fascinated by FreeSol if he had more to say.

Listen to FreeSol, 'Fascinated', Feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland