Don't you hate when you're trying to transport multiple cases of liquor to a foreign country and you get hassled at the airport? Sean "Diddy" Combs recently ran into trouble with French customs authorities, who forced his entourage to ditch some of the vodka they were bringing to the country for a series of parties.

The New York Post says that Diddy's staffers had to leave several bottles of Diddy's own Ciroc brand behind when they arrived at Nice's Cote d'Azur Airport. Evidently, France places strict limits on bringing in alcohol stronger than 44 proof, and Diddy's liquor is 80 proof.

A source told the paper. "His entourage was stopped at customs for having too much of the product. So Diddy's people left a few cases with airport agents." A rep for Diddy did not elaborate on the details but said, "The bulk of what you have is true ... Sean is hosting events throughout the French Riviera to promote the ultra-premium vodka."

It's a bit odd that Diddy's peeps had to fly in their own bottles when the beverage is actually manufactured in France. Couldn't they just send a truck over to the plant? In any case, we sure hope they got this worked out, because a Diddy party without Ciroc would be really lame, and Diddy does not throw lame parties.

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