On tonight's elimation episode of 'The Voice,' Frenchie Davis, a member of Christina Aguilera's team, reached for the heavens with her voice during her rendition of Madonna's 'Like a Prayer.' The song is bolstered by its backing choir, which could either drown out or elevate the leading voice, which in this case was Davis.

Surrounded by dancing backup singers, Davis didn't let anyone or anything get in the way of her larger-than-life voice and her persona. She had Coach Aguilera clapping and grooving in her big red spaceship chair.

Cee Lo called her his "soul sister throwing down." Adam Levine professed his love for Davis, telling her she had more command this week than last, which we have to agree with. Davis housed that song. If Madge herself heard that rendition, she might crack a smile and nod. But Blake Shelton said it best: Davis' rendition was a big middle finger to anyone who ever doubted her. Remember, Davis was dismissed from the second season of another reality competition talent series (ahem, 'American Idol') when topless photos of her surfaced. That sounds like doubt to us and Davis' work on 'The Voice' makes us think she might have won Season 2 of 'Idol.'

Aguilera praised the bald 'n' beautiful diva, saying, "That took some lungs and breath, and power and control. You got it ... All of that."

Frenchie Davis very well could be one of the four finalists next week if she keeps reaching for the heavens with that voice of hers.

Watch Frenchie Davis Perform Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' on 'The Voice'