'Frozen' may be the highest-grossing animated film of all-time, but one of the film's actresses was paid less than a thousand dollars for her role.

According to TMZ, 15-year-old Spencer Lacey Ganus -- who voiced teenage Elsa -- only received a "one-day guaranteed payment" of $926.20. Considering the fact that the iconic Disney film grossed $1.2 billion dollars, Ganus' cut was just .000077%.

While teen Elsa played a small but significant role in the new Disney classic, Ganus herself only lent her voice to several lines in the movie. And to be fair, teen Elsa was only on screen for just several minutes, if that. (You can watch her scenes in the video clip below.)

In addition to her role in 'Frozen,' Ganus has also voiced characters in similar arctic-like cartoon films like 'Ice Age' and 'Happy Feet'.

'Frozen' and Disney fans, do you think Spencer Lacey Ganus should have been paid more for her role?