While we're counting down the days until we get to see Frozen Fever in theaters (only three more to go!) we're loving every piece of the short that is being thrown our way. First, we obsessed over stills from the movie, then we cried tears of joy over the trailer. And now, we're grinning from the ear to ear while listening to two minutes of the score. (We've already been all about the new song, "Make Today a Perfect Day," that appears in the trailer.)

Thanks to a stunning two-minute clip exclusively obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, we can now hear the beauty of the new music composed by Christopher Beck, who also composed the score for Frozen (so you know it's good).

Beck "used indigenous Scandinavian instruments, to give people a sense of time and place that felt new and unique to Frozen, but with a more traditional symphonic backbone providing that classic Disney feeling," he told THR about the sound. "I made a conscious effort to have the score for Frozen Fever evoke the spirit of the feature film — in fact, the first few bars reprise one of the themes from Frozen. From then on, though, I introduce new material, but it never strays far from its musical ancestor."

Listen to the two-minute clip of the score over at the Hollywood Reporter, and be sure to catch the short when it hits theaters on March 13, screening only before the live-action adaption of Cinderella. As you probably already know, Frozen Fever centers around Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff attempting to throw the birthday party ever for Anna — that undoubtedly gets foiled by Elsa's icy powers.

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