Kimmy Gibbler struggled to set her love life into motion on Full House, but when the series returns as Fuller House in 2016, she'll have more relationship drama than she knows what to do with...and now, we know with whom.

According to TVLineDallas actor Juan Pablo Di Pace will take on the role of Fernando, Kimmy's ex-husband and the father of her daughter, Ramona. The site says Fernando will be "inappropriately passionate,"—a trait with which Kimmy would have been able to identify once upon a time. Now, though, it seems to repel her, and has developed into the reason she and Fernando split up.

Nevertheless, Fernando's determined to win Kimmy back, and will go to great lengths to return to the Good Gibbler Graces.

Last week, E! reported that Ramona, who will be played by Soni Nicole Bringas, will be crushed over her parents' separation, and will blame Kimmy for it all. Bringas will join Michael Campion and Elias Harger, who will play the children of Candace Cameron Bure's character, DJ Tanner. The kids' characters, Jackson and Max, respectively, will be a handful, but Bure insisted the young actors have been a pleasure to work with so far.

"They are so good, they are so funny,” she said. “Casting did a really, really good job. And they went on a very big wide search for these kids, and they came up with winners!

What do you think of Di Pace's addition to the Netflix show?

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