K-Pop star/rapper G-Dragon ignites a subway car dance party, complete with blinking lights, bouncing, animal-shaped balls and more in the video for 'MichiGo.' It's a loud, bright, bold clip, featuring a solo hang sesh at a club urinal -- no, it's not what you think -- and a big foot being examined on a medical table that doesn't appear to be at a doctor's office.

Don't. Don't even try to make sense of anything we just said. It's futile.

It's a carnival-like clip that reminds us of scenes from 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure.' If you have a diversion to flashing lights and other assorted creepy stuff like masks that show no emotion, then, look away.

There's cray cray choreography and we're left with a minor headache, since there's a lot to process and EVERY sense is assaulted.

This is the K-Pop equivalent of party, club-centric EDM.