We can't get enough of G.R.L.'s style! You need look no further than their purses to see that these five ladies each has a unique look. From a fanny pack to a 'Despicable Me' minion backpack, Simone Battle, Paula Van Oppen, Lauren Bennett, Natasha Slayton and Emmalyn Estrada show that when it comes to fashion, they're fearless!

The group gave us a look inside their purses to show the essentials every pop star should have. Nail decals, fun sunglasses and lots of lip gloss are just some of the things they carry. Check out a full look inside their bags in the pics below.


What's Inside Simone's Purse?

My bag is Love Made + Matahari!

1. Sunglasses.
2. Spearmint gum.
3. Emergency nails.
4. Oil blotting sheets for when I get shiny; Smith's strawberry lip balm; MAC pressed powder; kabuki brush from Target.
5. Aveeno hand cream 'cause I hate dry handshakes.


What's Inside Paula's Purse?

These are my essentials for life!
1. Credit card (obviously) and drivers license.
2. Nail file; lip gloss; and jasmine oil (I'm not a fan of perfume so I use natural/organic stuff!
3. My phone!
4. Phone charger case. (Emmalyn gave me this because my phone always dies.)


What's Inside Lauren's Purse?

1. Hair brush for when my hair looks like a birds nest.
2. Ray-Ban aviators for when the sun is in my eyes (or if I'm looking a mess).
3. Chloe perfume and gum, of course.
4. Chanel bronzer. If you're not wearing makeup, bronzer is a great quick fix!
5. My handy pen!


What's Inside Natasha's Purse?

1. Wallet.
2. Cellphone and pink rhinestone Skull headphones – always need my music playlists on hand at any given time.
3. Matching sunglasses for any given outfits.
4. Strawberry eau du toilette from the Body Shop (Have to smell yummy at all times!); Emergency lipgloss by Nyx; Glittery emery board; Emergency touch-up mini nail polish in glitter pink.


What's Inside Emmalyn's Purse?

Minion backpack (Stuart!!)

1. Wallet.
2. Mini-emergency kit (for all my lady emergencies).
3. Vaseline cocoa butter (for soft lips).
4. Eyedrops cause I wear contacts.
5. Sharpie (just in case I need one); my fave NARS lip color, Tonkin; hair tie (cause my hair is so long & annoying sometimes!); strawberry Smiths lip moisturizer.
6. NARS powder in case I get oily. :)