Game and Chris Brown follow a rainbow in search of a 'Pot of Gold' on a new song expected to appear on Game's 'The R.E.D. Album.'

'Pot of Gold' doesn't possess the hard-hitting street sound of Game's last single, 'Red Nation.' Instead, simple guitar strumming and a gentle beat carry the song, making it a likely candidate to cross over and connect with pop audiences.

Ironically, Game raps about getting out of the game, giving up his rap career and going on "a quest to find peace":

"Y'all don't understand, I'm misunderstood / Give Interscope two more albums then I'm done for good / Sold ten million records, ain't leave the hood / It's a cold world, everybody need a hug / And everybody doin' time, stay head strong / You still got a chance to live even though you did wrong."

Brown does his part by delivering an inspiring hook: "All this bright light is not for me / I close my eyes and imagine I'm home / I miss the days when life was simple / But if I never try to follow that rainbow in search of the pot of gold."

A sensitive, introspective message from Game? Call us pleasantly surprised. Look for 'Pot of Gold' on Game's 'The R.E.D. Album,' currently planned for an August release.

Listen to Game's 'Pot of Gold' Feat. Chris Brown