Rapper Game got unruly with partygoers at a club last month. The Compton MC spat on a group of female fans while he was chilling at a club in Australia's Gold Coast. The unfortunate incident was captured on video and posted online at Australia's 9News.

In the clip, Game can be seen hanging out with his entourage as he leans over a guard rail and spits at someone. You can actually see a white sudsy substance fly out of his mouth aiming straight for its intended target.

As the video pans down to the crowd, it appears that Game's saliva may have hit a young woman as she yells, "How dare you!" She then quickly leaves the scene in a huff along with her friends.

Brydie McCreadie, who shot the video, was shocked and appalled by what she witnessed. "I was like, 'Whoa.' At first I wasn't sure if he was spitting at me," she told 9News. "He was sitting there drinking. We were all a bit drunk. I think they were just excited to see him."

McCreadie also claims she didn't see anything that would provoke Game to spit at the crowd. The rapper hasn't addressed his disgusting behavior on Twitter, as of yet.

A rep for the club, Ben Kirkham, didn't see the incident but was shocked when he heard about Game's rude behavior. "I hope that doesn't reflect on the club because that's not what we're about," he said. "We had a great time. They wanted to stay on but their tour manager said they had to go because they had to travel by car down to the Sydney show."

Shame on Game for his disgusting gesture to his Aussie fans. He better be glad it didn't escalate into a club brawl or else this would have been a different story.

Watch the 'Rapper Game Spits on Female Concert Goers' Video