Rapper Game can't seem to stay out the news. The Compton, Calif., rapper is under investigation by Los Angeles police after a street brawl erupted between him and another man outside of a Hollywood club.

TMZ reports the alleged victim filed a police report Tuesday night (Aug. 23) claiming the 'Pot of Gold' rapper punched him in the face during an altercation outside of Colony nightclub. Oddly enough, this is happening on the night Game just released his new LP 'The R.E.D. Album.' What a way to celebrate.

The gossip website released video of what supposedly was taken right after the brawl. In the clip, Game is clearly upset and is screaming at a man while being restrained by his friends. There were no punches thrown but it look like another fight was ready to start again. LAPD reportedly is investigating the brawl that did or didn't happen, but no arrests were made, so far. Game has yet to comment on this incident, yet his friends deny that the rapper threw a punch at anyone.

Game has been keeping the LAPD very busy these last few weeks. As we previously reported, the rapper was under investigation by police after he started a telephone flash mob by jokingly tweeting the L.A. Sheriff's phone number on Twitter. He eventually apologized for the mishap and the police drop their investigation. If Game keep these shenanigans up, nobody is going to care that he has a new album sitting on store shelves.

Watch Game Get Into a Street Fight