More drama and controversy is surrounding rapper Game who just enjoyed a No. 1 on the Billboard charts with 'The R.E.D. Album' and had a run in with a restaurant in L.A. that caused him to label it a "racist" establishment. Difference is this time, the scandal doesn't directly involve the rapper but his manager, James Rosemond of Czar Entertainment.

Multiple sources, like the NME, report that Rosemond underhandedly employed Game's label Interscope -- also home to Lady Gaga, Eminem, No Doubt and Nicole Scherzinger, among others -- as part of a drug trafficking ring in which he was involved. Apparently, Rosemond used the label's equipment cases to smuggle cocaine from Los Angeles to New York City. Upon arrival, the drugs were replaced with cash and sent back to LA.

Word is that execs at Interscope were not aware of the trafficking. It's not clear if Game himself knew what his manager was doing; it's likely that he did not. However, the biggest question remains is just how Rosemond, who goes by the lovely nickname of "Jimmy Henchmen," obtained access to the cases, which are housed in the company's Santa Monica headquarters.

Rosemond was arrested earlier this summer on drug trafficking charges. He was accused of transporting drugs and money through the country.

Interscope has yet to comment on this scandal. Rosemond is, of course, denying the charges against him.