The popularity of Psy's viral hit 'Gangnam Style' is being taken to an entirely huge level! Not only has it earned the star millions since it hit the web, but over in the United Kingdom, they're about to honor him in a different way.

Collins Dictionary has named 'Gangnam Style' as one of its 12 words of the year, and apparently, it has a pretty awesome chance of getting added to the dictionary for its next edition! In the United States, we got the word ".gif" - a moving picture that has taken over Tumblrs everywhere, but in the U.K., they're apparently more fond of a song title.

"It's obviously a craze, so there's the possibility it will go away," said Ian Brookes, a consultant for Collins Dictionary. "But it's been heard by so many people that I think it's probably earned the right to go into the dictionary."

Wondering how on earth they come to the conclusion as to which words make the the finals? Popularity, of course!

Words are chosen each year based on how often they're used (most likely referencing social media and news), how long they stay in the "public awareness" and how many places the word appeared.

If those are the requirements, it looks like 'Gangnam Style' became a shoe in for Collins Dictionary ... for now.

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