Geoff McBride, 51, wears sunglasses (at night) to hide an old boxing injury. The Floridian was a kickboxer who caught a thumb to the eye, tore his retina and he's been wearing shades ever since. It's not for the "cool" factor, he said in his pre-performance interview at the blind auditions of 'The Voice.' He sang Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground' with plenty of necessary and requisite soul! He did Stevie proud, and no, the glasses were not a nod to Wonder, although they could have been.

Christina Aguilera turned her chair around, because the first note he hit blew her away and he had amazing energy. She loved the way he worked the stage and got the crowd's attention.

Cee Lo Green turned his chair around at the last minute, because that it is his "thing" -- to absorb the song and the performance a bit longer than the other coaches. He also said that McBride's style of soul is also his "thing."

McBride can sing his ass off, which Adam Levine noted. When faced with the tough decision of choosing between Cee Lo and Aguilera, he ultimately chose Xtina.

Watch Geoff McBride Sing 'Higher Ground' on 'The Voice'