Sad news for Selenators! Selena Gomez won't be making any more music for a long time. The good news? She'll be making a lot more movies -- at least she hopes so!

"This ['Stars Dance'] is my last album for a while," she told the Toronto Sun. "I'm going to tour it and then just get into acting for a really long period of time." She explained further, "Music is very dangerous. It's fickle and scary. I've done four records. This is my most successful, which is why I think it's a good place to stop."

As far as the press tour for 'Stars Dance,' Gomez had some 'splainin' to do about hanging up on the journalist who dared ask her about Justin Bieber ... even though she used a voicemail from the Canadian heartthrob in one of her own songs.

"The call got dropped, it was a satellite problem," she insisted. "But it was perfect timing. I was trying to think about an answer to his question, because obviously I have to answer it. And then it was, 'Oops! They're going to think that was on purpose.'" (We still do, Sel!) She added, "But it's fine, let people talk."

She did offer a form response about Biebs and their relationship ending, explaining, "I think you are who you surround yourself with," she says. "I want to be with incredible people who bring me up and who I can bring up. You have to be careful, and I have no problems taking away something that's negative in my life. You have to live a normal healthy life, especially in this industry. You'll just lose your mind otherwise."

As for other dangers, Gomez revealed that Ethan Hawke's driving scared the dickens out of her, as did holding a gun for her role in 'Getaway.'

"I was scared when Ethan drove the first day of rehearsal," she confessed. "It was terrifying. He's driving frickin' donuts, oh my God. We haven't even started filming, and we're going to die!"
For her bada-- hacker/holdup role, she said, "It was really fun for me to pretend to know about cars and technology. As far as having (a rebellious streak) in my real life, I stole a chapstick when I was seven at a store ... I did learn how to hold (a gun) properly, but I was scared. It was the weirdest thing, but I kind of felt like a bada--, so that was cool!"

Fair enough, but Selenators? Don't try any of that at home!