Ghostface Killah has been slapped with a lawsuit by a Los Angeles composer for allegedly sampling one of his theme songs without permission.

Jack Urbont is suing the Wu-Tang Clan member, as well as Sony Music, for copyright infringement over the use of his 'Iron Man Theme,' which was originally created for the 1960s television show, 'The Marvel Super Heroes,' reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The producer claims in his legal dispute that Ghostface allegedly sampled the 'Iron Man' theme "verbatim" on two tracks for his 2000 album, 'Supreme Clientele.'

The complaint reads: "Defendant Ghostface is also known for the nickname, 'Tony Starks,' which is a take-off of the name 'Tony Stark,' Iron Man's real name and true identity. In this way, Defendants' use of Urbont's 'Iron Man Theme' gives them a substantial commercial advantage by linking Ghostface to Iron Man without paying for it."

Wait ... Huh? Granted, one of Ghostface's rap aliases is Tony Starks, but did it really take ten years to bring on a copyright-infringement lawsuit against him? PopCrush wonders if Urbont's statue of limitations is up on that one.

Neither Ghostface, Sony Music, or their attorneys, have yet to respond to the allegations listed in the lawsuit.

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