Gigi Hadid is opening up about her experience voting for Hillary Clinton on Election Day — her first time going to the polls in person — and her reaction to the news of Donald Trump's victory as the next President of the United States, which has elicited a strong reaction from the entire world.

In an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday (Nov. 9), Gigi gave a measured answer about the election results: "I think we all kind of woke up, kind of an 'Is this real?' moment," she said.

"Honestly, as a country, we have to give him a chance because that's what our country voted for and that's what we accept as citizens in this country," she further explained, noting that she watched Hillary Clinton's concession speech and felt inspired to move forward.

"I think that we have go into it with positivity, and we can't lose heart or hope or have a feeling that we still can't make a difference and that we still can't help Trump make great decisions."

"I think that's what Hillary, this morning, was really kind of trying to inspire the whole country to do, and I know that she has offered to help him. I think that he should, and hopefully will, try to find guidance...we need to move forward."

She also addressed the lack of voter turn-out - roughly 46.6% of the country: "I think we hopefully can get it up in our next election and make sure that everyone's voices are heard...I think it's easier to accept the outcome when you know it's truly what people want."

Watch Gigi discuss the election results below.

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