Justin Bieber has an effect on women, and we're not talking about gal pal Selena Gomez, kids. But things have taken a turn for the worst when it comes to hysterical Beliebers. Mexican teens are auctioning off their virginity (!!!) in order to nab tickets to see the singer perform live.

The video below shows Mexican girls wringing their hands, gnashing their teeth and (it sounds like) speaking in tongues with hysteria over The Biebs and being unable to get a ticket to witness him in concert. It looks like a scene from 'The Exorcist.'

These girls are taking their fandom to the limit, as there are far more appropriate ways to get tickets to a show. As Popdust so wisely points out, Stub Hub is a miracle of modern ticketing for rabid fans. So is eBay. One of the teens could even plead her case to The Biebs himself over Twitter. Sure he has 12 million followers, but you never know what tweet could land before those dreamy eyes.

But in all seriousness, to offer one's virginity for tickets? That's creepy and could lead to a meat market of dudes with dishonorable intentions and cause irreversible danger and damage to these fans. He's just a teen idol and we'd venture the guess that even he would think auctioning off something as special as one's virginity is beyond ridiculous.

A Mexican newspaper report on this matter has been roughly translated by Uproxx:

The black market of the Internet to get tickets for the concert of Justin Bieber on the Internet has reached the point of offering the first sex in exchange for a concert ticket, as published by the portal sdpnoticias.com.

Real scenes of hysteria were posted on YouTube by girls who could not get a ticket. Now things have gone to another level. According to that reported by the newspaper El Norte, a girl has even offered its first time in exchange for a ticket to see the Canadian artist.

"My virginity for a ticket to Justin Bieber, urgeee me,” wrote a user’s social network Facebook.

In addition, some “vivales” have used to seek to change tickets in exchange for the company of a girl, the same newspaper reported.

While that report is transcribed in broken English, it's still alarming -- across the board.

Hey Biebs, pony up some tickets to stop what amounts to sex trafficking. Put 'em on your guest list!

Watch Footage of Hysterical Justin Bieber Fans in Mexico