Girl's Day are re-releasing their album 'Expectation' with a new title and a new cover! It's now called 'Female President' and it features the quartet glamming it up. The foursome are swathed in pink as they appear to be running for office, parked at a podium.

The re-release is due in stores on June 24 and is their first repackaged album.

The re-release will feature a new title track, too.

The folks at Girl's Day's label commented that "this album's concept is 'a mix of confidence and sexiness.' Their songs, choreography and outfits are all sexy and sophisticated. The girls are working really hard on their song and choreography for the comeback."

The comeback? Well, it's true that the original was released in March of 2014 -- however, the album was a comeback for the group as a whole, which has seen member changes throughout its history.