There's some drama on the K-Pop scene relating to a new couple. Girl's Day member Hyeri, 19, has coupled up with Tony An, a member of iconic K-Pop boy band H.O.T., who disbanded in 2001. Big deal, right? Actually, it is, since An is 35, making him 16 years her senior.

PopDust reports that Hyeri and An have been spotted together several times in two months, including while on a café date overlooking the Han River.

When the news broke, the pair's reps issued a nebulous joint statement about their relationship, which read as follows:

It’s true that they’re meeting with fond feelings… They’re still at a stage where they’re getting to know each other. Please look over them fondly.

That seems to translate to: "They're crushing, and are in the beginning phases of a public romance, so please, leave 'em alone."

Hyeri's camp issued another statement, suggesting that the singer is shocked and distressed by the media attention her new romance is receiving. The statement seems to downplay the age gap and suggests that things are very sweet between the two.

It read as follows:

To the fans, we're terribly sorry to make you worry from the turn of events related to Hyeri. For our company we were not aware of their meeting, again we're truthfully sorry.

After contacting Hyeri, from being acquaintances from broadcasting programs. This March within the early stages of Girl's Day's 1st album comeback she received contact from him, from his thoughtfulness and kindness during several meetings that they seriously talked about each other.

At this point, we know that they're giving each other words of comfort and advice to each other. For Hyeri currently from all the articles and the excessive attention she's shocked and under a lot of mental stress.

From all the speculations and unconfirmed statements that arose, we would like to earnestly apologize for causing worry to the fans again.

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